The Comic

Leadfoot is a young woman who is searching for missing Celestials (re: planets!) on a small Earth-like planet called Keyes. As she is searching, she finds herself caught up in a mess of trouble and on the run from very powerful enemies, including the Queen of the entire planet and the King of the criminal underworld. In a strange, unfamiliar place and afraid for her life, Leadfoot finds herself seeking sanctuary with a strange group of people who work for a Witch. This Witch claims to be able to grant any wish – for the right price.

But Leadfoot isn’t the only one with a wish. The Queen has a sinister objective, and is willing to put the entire planet at risk to get what she wants. Leadfoot and her new companions have to find a way to stop her and save Keyes before things go too far and the world as they know it is destroyed.

Updates Wednesdays
Action/Adventure/Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Author Rating: PG-13 for violence

Content Warnings: violence, blood, bodily injury, body horror, smoking

The Author

BITEGHOST (Amber Houston) is a cactus that loves comics and draws comics, and that’s basically it. Sustains her existence through Oreos and sheer force of will. 100% likely to talk too much about bad guys.

You can follow me on Twitter or Tumblr if you want to see more of my work or shout at me from across the internet. My work email is if you need something!

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